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CHS Home Loans

Co-operative Housing Societies (CHS’s) are state based, mutual, lending institutions that have a long and distinguished history of assisting families and individuals to purchase their own home. The first Co-operative Housing Societies were established in NSW over 70 years ago and were then known as terminating building societies.

In all that time our goal of assisting you to purchase your own home has not changed.

These days Housing Societies, through their marketing entity CHS Home Loans, work closely with Government to manage existing portfolios of loans as well as to provide a loan broking service to their client members requiring more mainstream lending products.

Co-operative Housing Societies exist to provide a service to their member shareholders, so if you are looking for home finance then Co-operative Housing Societies are the ‘experts’ you should consult.

News Conference & Training Feedback

The purpose of our website is to communicate our major items of interest to its member CHS’s and to provide information to Government, potential lenders and clients of its member CHS’s.

Christmas Board Meeting and Dinner

Date:   21st November 2013
Time:  3.30pm

Place: Venue/s TBA

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