Investors: Are you missing out on potential tax credits?

Many property owners are losing potential tax credits by failing to take full advantage of a property’s tax depreciation potential. Property tax depreciation is an often overlooked method of obtaining tax credits and is available to any property owner who obtains assessable income by way of rent or operates a business from a property.

Self managed super - is it for you?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regulates self managed super funds (SMSFs). The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) regulates financial services and company laws to protect you. Starting an SMSF is a very important decision, so we recommend you see a qualified and licensed professional to help you decide if it’s the right super fund for you.

Priority management vs time management

There is always more work to do. The key is to articulate your priorities, determine what key activities will achieve these priorities and then ensure the majority of your time is given to those critical activities. This is priority management not time management.

Now there’s a way with your Will

Finding the last Will of a loved one can be a major challenge for many families. Upon the death of a person, survivors will immediately be faced with a number of confronting issues. These issues are made more difficult to cope with when those survivors must also deal with emotional issues like the grieving process. A solution to the problem of people losing their Wills and other important documents has been found with the release of The Will Registry.

RP Data market snapshot

Looking forward, the key indicators for the remainder of 2010 show that the property market is looking reasonably healthy.

What happens when your sick leave runs out?

Despite the fact that almost every working Australian has some level of life insurance cover within their super, Australia has proved to be one of the most underinsured nations in the developed world. 83% of people insure their car, but only 31% insure their most important asset – their income.

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