We all know someone who has suffered financial stress

It is quite rare in Australia for a home owner to experience mortgage stress. In fact the latest RBA report indicates that only 0.6% of housing loans are in excess of 90 days in arrears. It is this sort of statistic that causes most of us to not even consider losing our home or property a possibility. The problem is that it is usually an unforeseen event, such as the story of Mary and Diane* that can trigger financial problems.

2012 Olympics - a lasting legacy

No amount of trophies or medals will ever come close to the feeling of winning gold at the Olympics. To the sports person it is the highest accolade. It can also be said that for the host nation, winning world approval would be just as pivotal. The price of entertaining the world for 21 days does not come cheap and for London the challenge is to ensure that their proposed Social Legacy Plan proves to the rest of the world just what can be done. The Olympic Park Project has been the catalyst for what has become the biggest regeneration project in Europe. 

Save, equity or super? What will be your path to prosperity

Investing in property is something that most of us think about doing, want to do or hope to do. However only approximately 20% of Australians actually do it.
Whatever the reason may be, there is more than one way to get started on the investment property ladder. This article explains some options to consider. 1. The good old...save a deposit 2. Use the equity in your home/other property 3. Self managed super funds (SMSFs)

Who’s protecting who?

As a borrower, taking out a loan of any kind can be an overwhelming and complex process. This isn’t helped by all the different financial product naming conventions and acronyms that you will undoubtedly encounter. An area that often causes confusion is the difference between lender’s mortgage insurance and mortgage protection insurance. There are many insurance products available to cover you should you be unable to make your loan repayments due to unexpected life events. Choosing the right kind of cover can be daunting, however there are simplified loan protection products available that are easy to understand so you can be sure of what you’re getting. We happily (yet begrudgingly) insure our car, home and contents but what about your biggest asset of all...you?

The price of good health

It passed the Lower House by the closest of margins - just one single vote. Now law, the Private Health Insurance Rebate will be means tested starting on 1 July 2012. This change will see the government pocket an extra $700 million in savings. Where these savings will be used is a point of conjecture. The downside from this policy change is the possibility that those affected by the introduction of means testing may decide to leave the private health care system. A table in the article details the new three tier structure which comes into effect on 1 July 2012.

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